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The Energy Movement is a concept of Feadan and Reve Terborg. Together with Lucinda Wessels and Sanja Javor they organise 'the Rave', a danceparty with a collective Energy Movement warm up.  For more information visit our website

the Energy Movement schedule 2018:

the Energizer

Every sunday 10.30h-12.00h - Chasse Dance Studios Amsterdam

the Rave

Every 4th saturday of the Month 23-02h - Odessa Amsterdam

The Energizer Class - What do you do?

Its a guided dance class of 1.5hour, from your thinking head to your feeling and moving body. Through breathing, visualisations, dance-techniques and the unstoppable groove of the music, we keep searching for all ways of moving your body. Creating your own language and making a party with all the participants!

The Rave Experience - What happens?
The Energizer Classes and The RAVE Party's are dance playgrounds where you can do your own moves. They always guided or mc’d and dj’d by Professional Dancers. You will feel free and can connect with yourself and others without the use of external substances.

'We believe that your body contains alot of wisedom and knowledge. Your body can make you feel where there are blockages and what you should be moving feel free. When energy can flow freely, you will feel more happy, fit, less stressed out and you can make clear choices. You will go through life floating!'

This is the goal of the Energy Movement. We guide you to your natural self  (who knows what makes you happy very well) , so you can take good care of your own needs. We are very happy to offer a safe playground at Chassé Dance Studios and in Odessa Amsterdam!